"Nuestra Reina Latina, 2019”, will be the third to win that title this Summer, chosen by an elite panel from the most accomplished competitors drawn from a wide local area. Directed and Produced by Marie Llanos Llanos  
This will be a first in America for a distinguished panel of judges to single out the Latina contestant who is not merely an able and socially involved lady, but an exceptional model in appearance, and by virtue of the deserved admiration she gets from the judges, her peers in the competition and from the audiences who will be following the heavy media coverage of the event  -  as well as being at the live successive  judging rounds ,and of course the Grand Finale.
The Organizing Committee believe this event is well overdue, to celebrate the newly accepted status of the talent, ability and social contribution of our young women in the cause of the full recognition of the contribution of the Hispanic diaspora locally here in the Greater New York Area.
            Publishers of the #1 Weekly in New York  - EL ESPECIALITO
            Over twenty years working to help all Hispanics enjoy the health
            and human services benefits necessary to thrive in modern America.   

This pageant is not only a promotion of physical beauty, but also to create activities in which women can learn to perform better in social life, and including, how to be a business woman, modeling, refinement, diction, theater, stage presence, nutrition, dance, exercises,
make up, skin care, speech, psychology and others during 6 months.

Objective: The pageant is in search for intelligent, beautiful Hispanic women who will serve as role models, which are dedicated to promote and maintain the heritage, legacy, traditions and roots of our culture. Our objective in holding this Beauty and Cultural Pageant is to give young Latin women an unique opportunity of becoming a beauty queen with strong future goals and an interest in supporting communities and causes they are passionate about.
Our Mission:  Nuestra Reina Latina USA's mission is to find, appreciate and promote women with strong goals and interest in promoting the rich Hispanic culture and supporting causes related to any humanitarian work, education and women empowerment. Its mission is to bring Hispanics together to network, suppor the business community and empower the young girls by providing scholarships and mentoring programs, primarily using the Beauty Pageant, other activities and cultural events as a vehicles.
The Staff: With a diverse group of professionals, NRL Organization produces this landmark event, in which the best of the best talents come together to produce a huge pageant that is made for LATINAS TODAY! Our elite team brings the best contestants, dancers, fashion designers and famous and recognized host and judges. Our sponsors benefit throug the media exposure and brand awareness throughout the pageant. 

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